Joining the SCNA

Who can join?

Any serving Special Constable, up to and including the rank of Special Inspector (or equivalent) can join the Special Constable National Alliance (SCNA).

Those of the rank of Special Chief Inspector (or equivalent) or above already have an association – the Association of Special Constabulary Chief Officers (ASCCO), who we hope to work alongside.

We are at a very early stage of forming the SCNA and all we ask of you at this stage is to let us know whether you want to be part of our alliance.

Becoming a provisional member of the Special Constable National Alliance is free and easy to do. Click here to register now.

Why provisional membership?

At this stage we are scoping what level of interest there would be in the Special Constable National Alliance. We believe there is a desire and need of such a representative body, but without your support we will not be able to develop this idea and take SCNA forward.

If you register your interest now we will not contact you again until such time when it is considered there is enough interest to move the SCNA to the next step. When this happens we will contact you via email to confirm whether or not you would like to be a full member of the SCNA.

What we do with your information:

No-one wants to be bombarded with email after email and no-one wants to be signed up to third-party mailing lists. If you sign up we will keep your information secure and it will never be shared with other parties, unless you explicitly consent to us doing so.