Who are we?

So who are the founders of the Special Constable National Alliance?

We have around 20 years (and counting) of experience of policing on the frontline as Special Constables.

Like you, we enjoy working with our regular and Special Constable colleagues alike and are eager to play our part in keeping our communities safe.

Whilst we recognise there are organisations that support regular officers, ultimately we volunteer our time and therefore require something bespoke that recognises the unique role of a Special Constable.

We therefore aim to create an organisation that directly represents Special Constables and empowers us at a national level – something that has never been achieved before.

We have witnessed first-hand what happens when a Special Constable needs additional support, for a variety of reasons, and are concerned about how this support can vary drastically, is somewhat lacking or is completely absent.

We also believe it’s imperative that Special Constables have a voice at a national level because we have found that we are rarely – and sometimes not – consulted on matters that directly affect us.

With these concerns in mind, and with no representative body in place for Special Constables, we decided it was time to unite the thousands of volunteers across England and Wales in order that we all get fair representation, a voice at a national level and support when it is needed most.

Every Special Constable makes a sacrifice each time they go on shift. They make the same commitment and face the exact same dangers that their regular colleagues do and so we do not believe that we are asking for anything unique or being unreasonable and we hope you agree with us.

Turning the Special Constable National Alliance (SCNA) from an idea to a reality will require your support. At the moment we only ask you to register your interest in becoming a member, which is free and easy to do. Once we have enough backing we can take the next step into transforming the SCNA to a real representative body with power to make a difference in every Special Constable’s career and life.

Click here to register now.