About the SCNA

At the moment the Special Constable National Alliance (SCNA) is very much an idea, but one we believe is essential so that Special Constables across England and Wales are directly represented and supported by their peers – something that has never been achieved before.

Over 15,000 people currently give up their time to volunteer as Special Constables. These wonderful people have other responsibilities and pressures in their lives – jobs, families, studies and much more. We already ask so much of our Special Constables, yet they have very little to no say in decisions that directly impact them. The support offered to Special Constables in times of need can also vary considerably.

The SCNA will empower every Special Constable with a voice at a national level. We also hope to ensure that when you find yourself in your darkest hour and struggling most, you are supported.

We recognise the valuable work of the Police Federation and the Association of Special Constabulary Chief Officers (ASCCO) and hope to work alongside them. However, the  SCNA will focus solely on our unique role as Special Constables and how we interact with our regular colleagues both on a local and national level.

The aims of the SCNA are simple: we will establish an alliance where Special Constables are represented, we will provide a voice for Special Constables at a national level and we will stand by our colleagues when they need us most.

If we get enough support to progress the SCNA – where we will then seek formal recognition from the Home Office and set our organisation’s objectives – we will seek to democratically elect representatives from each police force in England and Wales.