Welcome to the Special Constable National Alliance (SCNA)

There are currently more than 15,000 Special Constables across England and Wales*. These volunteer police officers do a fantastic job assisting their regular colleagues yet they cannot join the Police Federation and there is no union that directly represents the countries’ Special Constables and their interests.

In the vast majority of times Special Constables face no issues in completing their work and receive support from their regular and special colleagues. However, sometimes Special Constables can feel isolated as, unlike paid officers and staff, they have no national representative body.

The aims of SCNA are simple: we will establish an alliance where everyone is represented, we will provide a voice for Special Constables at a national level and we will stand by our colleagues when they need us most.

We are at a very early stage of forming the SCNA and all we ask of you at this stage is to let us know whether you want to be part of our alliance.

Becoming a provisional member of the Special Constable National Alliance is free and easy to do.

Click here to register now.


*According to Home Office statistics published in March 2016